5 Skills You Can Acquire This Quarantine

by Rajesh Thakur
2 min read
30th April, 2020
Posted on 31th April 2020
5 Skills You Can Acquire This Quarantine

There is no doubt that the lockdown changed our everyday lives. We now find ourselves at home, only able to go out for essential things like getting groceries or medicines.

Quarantine is essential to flatten the curve of the pandemic, so we will find ourselves inside our homes for another few weeks. Below are the five productive things that you can do while you are still stuck at home.

  1. Learn a new language

    Remember when you thought about taking up a new language course, but never had time? Well quarantine is the best time for exploring and learning new languages. So many sites such as Duolingo offer free language courses. There are various benefits of learning a new language:

    • Learning a new language opens doors to a whole new genre of music, art and drama. And yes, translation exists but there are so many things that gets lost in translation.

    • Knowing the local language helps a lot while traveling. It bridges the communication gap between you and the locals which will help you to explore secret gems of the city.

  2. Take an online course

    it’s easier than ever to further your education and career skills with the millions of courses at your fingertips, thanks to sites such as Lynda, Udemy, Skillshare, and much more. With COVID-19 keeping you at home, now you have time to dedicate to starting and completing a course. What’s more, some course sites are now offering discounts to make learning available to everyone in quarantine.

    If you’re not sure which skills to focus on, read job ads for the position you want to get. A great place to start is with the skills you’re lacking.

  3. Start writing

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to realize a lot about their fast-paced lives and helped them to appreciate things in their life a lot more. Express these feelings and thoughts through writing. Writing is a great outlet. Moreover, writing as a skill comes in handy in all careers. Whatever your goal is, good writing skills will always be a very useful tool. Many sites are offering free courses to improve.

  4. Organizing the house

    During our normal routines we are often too busy to organize stuff in our house. This is the perfect time to organize things like:

    • Documents: Organized important documents will help you in the long run and will also save time. Whether they are bank statements, medical reports, school document, various other educational documents. This will save you the mini panic attack you have when you are searching for an important document and can’t find it.

    • Finance: this is the best time to finally organize your checkbooks and learn how to handle your income.

    • Cleaning: deep cleaning of the house is the most important prevention method against maximum diseases. Its extremely important to learn how to clean different things in your house. Because, everything has a different cleaning process.

  5. Cooking

    Cooking is one of the most vital skill which every person should have. Now that the world is in lockdown, the fast food joints are closed and cooking your best bet if you don’t want to starve. Start off with easy YouTube recipes and ask your family to help you out. Learn to make daily essentials like rice, roti, dal and vegetable curries. The adventurous ones can also experiment with exotic pancake breakfasts, flavorful fried rice lunches and easy-to-do delicious snacks.