5 Reasons To Consider Influencer Marketing For Your E-Commerce

by Shubham Upadhyay
2 min read
14th Jun, 2022
Posted on 14th June, 2022

To be in line with flourishing e-commerce businesses, you've got to have a refined marketing strategy. If you are still not thinking about influencer marketing. Then it would be best if you considered the benefits of influencer marketing. And decide why you need it.

You must know about social media influencer marketing to get your brand visibility. How does influencer marketing work? And much more!

Influencer Marketing helps your brand to achieve an effective digital presence. We are here to help your brand build attention through Influencer Marketing. And why should you impose it now?

All to know What Social Media Influencer Marketing is!

Influencer Marketing helps your brand promote its goods and services through endorsements made by content creators and influencers on their social media. Through it, you can organize brand awareness campaigns to drive conversions and sales.

Influencer Marketing is not a new concept. It started pretty early. Back in 2006, it was all about the bloggers who conveyed their life stories and the products that they tried in particular. It has expanded much since then. Initially, bloggers didn't earn enough money to consider it their source of full-time income. But today, these influencers gain through brand sponsorships and more than the side cash.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Presently, Influencer Marketing is the most popular marketing method for pretty good reasons.

social media influencer marketing
  1. It helps you up the number game!
  2. Influencer marketing for e-commerce has evolved since the pandemic hit the marketing industry. Influencers came up with innovative ideas to create content that pleased everyone, bringing credible engagement from the users. 9 out of 10 brands are utilizing what we call social media influencer marketing. There is undoubtedly an influencer right for your label, Whichever business you might be operating with. Even the small influencers help generate approximately $18 for every $1 being spent.
    So, if you want to gain brand attention, you need to be taking hold of the benefits of influencer marketing.

  3. Audiences acknowledge honest reviews
  4. There are high chances of people buying a product recommended by their favorite e-commerce influencer. 33% of young heads consider looking for reviews rather than trusting advertisements. Today, audiences go to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook before purchasing something. So, it's better to invest your money in these influencers who can relate with the users effortlessly.

  5. It leads to a promising ROI
  6. Influencer Marketing is a rapidly growing industry that chases customer involvement, blowing the organic search and the paid search. If we look for big brands, their influencer marketing campaigns achieved a lot of success in attaining revenues up to $20 on $1 they spent. It is very cost-efficient and formulates a decent ROI. Hence, giving you a chance to reconsider moving with an influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

  7. Video encountering trends
  8. We mostly see the video content on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It instantly grasps the attention of users. From Instagram shorts to Youtube short videos, influencers know how to hook the audience and speak about the product making it relevant for them. The video format is favorable for any brand type. It stays with the audiences a bit longer, so it's time for you to get the benefits of influencer marketing through this trend. According to stats revealed by marketers, these videos will impact your e-commerce by 50%.

  9. Have you considered using CGI Influencers
  10. CGI influencers or Computer Generated Imagery are shaping the landscape of influencer marketing. These digital influencers are new means that can be considered to acquire good leads instead of using former modes of marketing. According to surveys and polls made out by people who explored these CGI influencers, 55% leveraged into buying the product. Out of which 52% checked in for the brand, 53% followed the brand. Lil Miquela, a digital influencer on Instagram, has collaborated with big brands and was rated among the 'Top 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Here, we have tried to put the reasons to opt for influencer marketing and the benefits of influencer marketing. That will surely help your brand build a reliable connection with customers to get their solid action. 51% of Marketers acknowledge its importance. Then what is stopping you! We will help your e-commerce be in this space with a plan that fits your budget.