Branded Content and Influencer Marketing: A New Age, Smart Duo

by Kopal Bajpai
5 min read
11th Jun, 2022
Posted on 11th Jun 2022
Influencer marketing hubs

Influencer Marketing has become the surefire door for brand reach. The brands want to step up in the marketing world. They want to get the maximum results with the help of the Influencer Marketing hubs. These social influencers offer more value to the brands. And this is why brands want Influencers who generate quality content to connect with a bigger audience.

What is branded content in the Influencer marketing hub?

The brands connect with creators on the social domain to get maximum exposure and achieve influencer marketing benefits. They wield their impact to promote goods and services. The content produced by these influencers in exchange for money is what we call branded content. The creator gets into a partnership with the brand through the branded content tools available on these platforms. The brand sponsors the content to increase its awareness and visibility in the most authentic way to the people.

How do branded content and Influencer marketing benefit the brands?

According to several stats and surveys by marketers, influencer marketing benefits the brands and creates an urge amongst the users to buy things online. Well, 55.4% of marketers utilized influencer marketing hubs in 2019, which boosted to 72.5% in 2022. Due to the branded content curated through these social media platforms, there has been a constant increase in the brand reach.
  1. It helps in getting the attention of the new audiences.
Instagram Influencer Marketing has been frequently leveraged by D2C and B2C brands. We get to see brands associating with influencers to obtain a credible response from the audience. These influencers bring branded content, which pulls a broader range of audiences and sways their buying opinions.
  1. It is more evident and trustworthy.
The branded content helps the brand to get the instant attention of the user, evidently creating engagement with them. The brands get close to the community of influencers, turning them into reliable customers.
  1. It gives better optimization.
Influencer marketing hubs provide these brands with tools to evaluate the insights and impacts of the campaigns to offer them promising results.
  1. It doesn't feel like bothering customers.
The branded content presented through these influencer marketing hubs such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook promotes brands efficiently. It doesn't feel bothersome to customers, unlike the conventional ways of marketing. It sounds personal, like words of mouth being conveyed digitally.
  1. It helps the brand to get impactful ROI
The influencers tag these brands on their social media handles. The brands regulate and choose the creators as branded content partners through tools available on these platforms. The level of engagement can be increased using posts, taps on their profile page, their stories, and replies on the feed can be observed. This helps to get an impressive ROI and better brand visibility.

Is Instagram Advertising Right for Your Business?

Influencer marketing hubs help brands to build a better marketing strategy. Branded content is converted into ads to expand the engagement game diverting the influencers' audiences towards the brand. Whether it's Facebook Business Manager or Instagram, it enables brands to modify their ads to specific audiences. This creates credible visibility and forms a long-term bond with them.

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