Food Vlogging: An evolving niche in Influencer Marketing

by Shubham Upadhyay
2 min read
13th Jun, 2022
Posted on 13th June 2022
food vlogging

Generally, to cook something special or to look for well-known street food, we would scroll and find food vloggers on all social media platforms to help us try something new. Food Vlogging is all about creating videos of food to showcase cooking skills. Millions of people connect with these food vloggers to try something out of the box. Their authenticity invites people across the globe to follow them. Now that we have discussed food vlogging, let's talk about the present need for this niche in influencer marketing.

How it is a solution for influencer marketing companies?

Food brands want to experiment with influencers or food vloggers, mainly because they have a growing authentic audience. The brands try to raise their sales through influencers who have control over their community.

These food vloggers help brands to get a better ROI since their connection game grabs likes, shares and comments from audiences.

According to the research factors influencing marketing, the level of engagement increases by 5x times more with the help of food vlogs, than what the usual set of ads generates. The food vloggers experiment with the type of content they present that makes the audience eager to know what's new on the platter.

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Leading food brands connect with macro-influencers who are food vloggers or food pundits with a good following on social media. While emerging food brands focus on working with micro-influencers to target a particular audience. The good thing about the food industry is that they employ all types of micro-influencers who do not make food vlogs but focus on lifestyle, travelling or humour. If you are looking for influencers, Freeskout helps you to discover, chat and connect with them. Breaking the barrier between brands and influencers.

Some Vlogging tips

If you are someone who has an interest in making videos and want to try food vlogging, then count on these tips that will surely help you.

  1. Understand your brand
  2. You should note down what originally interests you. This will help you know the type of audience that will easily connect with you. The one that will relate to your brand identity.

  3. Get the accessible equipment
  4. In order to make your food appealing, you should have an ideal camera setup. But you need not wait for expensive tools. You should at least start with your food vlogging mission using the smartphone you have. Get a tripod and try to shoot in a better lighting space . And you're ready to sway everyone.

  5. Try to be constant
  6. It is truly said that consistency is the key to success. You should come up with new content on a day-to-day basis. Create a schedule and work accordingly. If you're not able to come up with new videos, try posting high-quality pictures of delicacies or informative posts about famous food spots. Try to engage with your audience in the most credible way possible.

  7. Collaborate with associate
  8. To get noticed, you should try to build associations with fellow creators. This will bring necessary attention to your videos spiking the number of likes and comments.

Summing Up

Food vlogging is an influencer marketing niche that is expanding. Whether it's YouTube or Instagram, you see a league of growing influencers bringing new food content for you. Many of these influencers have grown into macro-influencers pursuing their passion and showing off their food art. Since this is what we call a digital age, the food joints, restaurants, bars and cafes are going digital and connecting with food vloggers to get noticed. This is a promising marketing technique for brands. Even the food delivery companies like Zomato and Blinkit are boosting their social presence. These food vlogging channels bring food enthusiasts from corners of the world, dominating digitally.