New Features And Latest Updates of Instagram in 2022

by Kopal Bajpai
2 min read
13th Jun, 2022
Posted on 13th June 2022

What's new on Instagram?
Here, we'll try to put up all the new features and latest updates on Instagram. The digital world is dominating with cool features and Instagram always attracts us with something new on the table. It comes out with elements for creators and brands to build a domain that grips you to get started. Well, these latest updates of Instagram are being made every now and then. So, we have enlisted some of these right for you!

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Latest updates of Instagram in May 2022

NFT is a type of crypto investment, unique chunks of art that can be bought. They can be sold for cash and cryptocurrency. Instagram pictures can be put up as NFTs. It's hard for us to decide on the great things but NFTs on Instagram, good news for the creators for sure! To be a part of the NFT community on Instagram, you need to share your NFTs as your IG Story, feed or even in your messages. These new Instagram features know how to give us chills.

New Instagram Features for the Home Feed

The new Instagram feature of the feed is supposed to bring in the video and photos in a larger format. It is for the users to decide whether they prefer the 9:16 format like TikTok. Do you think these changes are made as per the constant competition? Do follow us and tell us! How do you take these new changes on our social media platforms?

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New Improved Product Tags for the Feed for all

The product tag was not a new Instagram feature for Influencers and brands but in April, Instagram brought it in for all. Well, this update gives users a chance to tag brands and notify them in their feed posts. It gets the fashion geeks to know more about the product, directing them to the brand's page or the app.

Follow these steps to add product tags

  1. As you create a feed post, tap on 'Tag People'
  2. Tag the brand, there will be options for 'People & Products'.
  3. Tap on the option 'Products', and tap on your pic to start tagging products, giving the outfit details.
This latest Instagram feature is presently for the feed posts and might be available as the new features on the Instagram stories as well.

Since we are discussing the tags, the latest updates of Instagram tags focus on giving value to all the creators and supporters behind the scene. The new feature under 'Enhanced Tags' enables them to get recognised and find better opportunities.

To start with 'Enhanced Tags'

  1. Make a new post, tap next.
  2. Add the needed caption, then hit 'Tag People'.
  3. Tag the ones you want to mention
  4. Tag them under.
  5. Click on Show profile category option and share it.

All about the 3D Avatar the new Feature Of Instagram

The awaited 3D Avatars can be counted as one of the coolest, latest updates of Instagram. These are the virtual 3D models of users across the globe. A more connected, fascinating feature in the social domain.

Meta launched these avatars for Instagram, Facebook & the Messenger App. The specifically new Instagram feature will let users start with their digital prototypes with clothes, accessories and more.

These new features on Instagram will definitely amaze the users. Instagram is successful in creating the needed buzz by introducing these sensational elements and tools. It depends on whether the users like or hate the changes. But constantly challenging the norms is what makes it interesting!