Content Game - Different Types Of Content & Their Benefits

by Akash Gupta
4 min read
13th March, 2020
Posted on 13th March 2020
Content Game - Different Types of Content & their Benefits

In today’s times, influencers can’t limit strengthening their relationship with their audience by just talking to them about their brand, product or services. It is a must for influencers to up their content game by creating interesting and relevant content for their audience.

Today we’re going to list out the different types of content and tell you their benefits so that it’s easier for each of you influencers to gain a maximum audience.

Content can be categorized into 4 parts:

  1. Written Content

  2. Visual Content

  3. Interactive Content

  4. Video Content

Now each of these categories has multiple subcategories. Let’s get an idea of what some of them are:

Written Content

Blog Posts

Blog posts not just essential for effective SEO(search engine optimization), they also help build networking opportunities, act as leader generator for your business, and increase your thought leadership status.

If you want to increase brand awareness, inform your audience, build a long-term track record or create valuable content, creating blog posts is a must.

And don’t worry there is no shortage in the types of blog posts you can try. There are 21 different types of blogs and here is the list :

  1. How-to-Blogs


  3. Stats

  4. Round-Ups

  5. Collaborations

  6. Q&A’s

  7. Interviews

  8. Product News

  9. News Release

  10. Comparisons

  11. Listicles

  12. Step-by-Step Guides

  13. Why

  14. New Strategy

  15. Research

  16. Best Practices

  17. Tips

  18. Checklists

  19. Gone Wrong

  20. Repurposing

White Papers

White papers are usually effective for businesses that want to prove industry expertise. It can be offered as free digital download or published as a PDF online for better SEO.

Whether you want to offer a specific opinion that can best be delivered in a long format, or solidify your reputation as Subject Matter Expert using White Papers is the best option.

White Papers should be educational and should be backed up by solid evidence and statistics.

Customer Success Stories

The probability of us buying something increases when we see that another real customer has faced either similar issues and challenges or benefited from a product or service. This is when Customer Success Stories are useful as it shows how your company is performing in the real world.

Case Studies

Case Studies prove that your solution works, just like Customer Stories. If as a component of your content marketing strategy you provide with Case studies, it’ll help convince customers to try your product/services.

To prove value, highlight differentiation points against your competitors or showcase your companies’ sales history within your industry you must use Case Studies.

The real results behind a testimonial teaser are delivered by case studies.

Product Content & Guides

The specific concerns regarding bottom-of-the-funnel leads are helped addressed by Product Content & Guides. They also feature keyword phrases that are great for SEO.

On-site guides and demos help show customers as to what you do, how you do it and help them imagine using your products.

Visual Content

As we live in a digital era it is important to create and promote Visual Content since it has huge benefits and helps a brand stand out.

There are 3 key advantages of using Visual Content:

  1. More Accessible

  2. More Attractive

  3. More Memorable

Here are a few types of Visual Contents to choose from:


Images are the most frequently used type of Visual Content. Some people might overlook a block of text, but images can convey your message with a few seconds.

The best way to make your social media and blog posts more memorable is by creating original images.


Infographics are liked and shared 3 times more than any other type of content. All you need to do is pull together some stats and interesting facts promoting the benefits of your company and create your own infographic. You can further distribute it via your website, social media channels and email.


With the use of Screenshots, you can give your customers a brief idea about how your services/product works.

For adding credibility to your screenshot you could also add a marketing copy or testimonial.


Online Magazines (e-magazines) is one of the most recent types of Visual Content that’s gaining popularity.

Similar to physical magazines, Online Magazines combine big, powerful imagery with interesting stories and snippets.

Interactive Content


Contests are a great way to encourage user-generated content and increase brand awareness. Most readers enjoy taking part in a contest, especially if there’s a valuable prize.


A great way of collecting data through potential buyers is by giving them assessments as it gives users a more personalized recommendation or results based on how users respond to a series of questions.


In a series of rounds, Brackets pit users against each other until a winner is announced. Votes are usually cast on anything and everything from “Your favorite ice-cream” to “Your most worn outfit”. This competitive element encourages users to revisit their basic content.

Interactive White Papers

Simply using White Papers can be a turn-off for some readers as it is loaded with too much information. Luckily we live in an era where we can convert long content into interactive experiences with animations, hidden hover effects and more.

Video Content


If you create high-quality content for your vlog, why not put in a little more effort and add a video format to it as well. Capturing videos with good content is a great way to entice people to view you as it gives a wider variety of ways to consume your insights.


For marketers in the B2B realm, the most highly effective way to engage with your audience is through a Webinar.

As webinars require users to register, they also act as valuable lead-generation tools. Content of a Webinar can also be repurposed into blog posts.

Company Culture

Showcasing the vibrant, human side of your brand is a major goal of content marketing. Giving viewer’s a peek at your company’s employees and culture is one of the best ways of doing this. Company Culture videos can include interviews with employees, office parties, festival celebrations and more. The main goal is to show your customers that your company isn’t a faceless entity, but an organization with real people and personalities.

How-To Tutorials

To build long-lasting customer loyalty one needs to provide helpful instructions and tutorials as this assures your credibility and product knowledge.

Most people grasp video instructions faster than any written instructions, hence How-To Tutorials are some of the most sought after videos on the internet.


There are still some subcategories we haven’t mentioned as these are the most in-demand and easiest for anyone to adapt to.

This ought to have given you a gist of the different types of contents you all can try and figure out which type of content suits your business the most.