How to leverage YouTube short videos for Influencer Marketing

by Shubham Upadhyay
2 min read
14th Jun, 2022
Posted on 14th June 2022

After the ban of TikTok in India, Instagram introduced reels, and since then, we have known it's a pickup for short video content. Holding up with the latest trend, YouTube launched YouTube short videos, which became instantly popular. Well, YouTube shorts and Instagram reels have a comparative approach. Instagram reels and YouTube short videos, both permit songs to be used through their library and shot within a time frame. They have some differences too. Instagram has features that are more user-interactive than YouTube. While YouTube is still an excellent video streaming platform. Regardless, it is probably an appropriate time for brands to incorporate and try YouTube shorts to give rise to better marketing schemes.

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  1. Why YouTube Short Videos?
  2. What does it bring for creators and viewers?
  3. Why should brands leverage YouTube short videos?
  4. Tips that help to create impactful YouTube short videos for your brand

Why YouTube Short Videos?

YouTube short videos were introduced in India, after TikTok and Instagram reels became hugely popular. It carried the 60 seconds video format with thousands of melodic layouts. The beta version of YouTube gave creators the liberty to experiment with the short video concept. And broke records and had massive success with more than 3.5 billion total day-to-day views in India.
YouTube Short Videos were launched in the US in March 2021 only to outdo in terms of numbers. It curated around 6.5 billion views, followed by its launch in 100 countries.

The YouTube community has creators from around the globe who earn entirely through the video content they make. The creators now focus on bringing high-quality content through YouTube short film videos. The users are busy and therefore want short videos giving quick info and grabbing less time.
It is the second most used social platform. So brands should strategize YouTube short video content to engage with a large audience bringing a decent ROI.

*What does it bring for Creators and Viewers?

It is still a beta version, and we are far from knowing the ultimate version, yet we will see what it brings for creators and viewers globally.

If you are a creator

Suppose you are a new creator who wants to create YouTube short film videos. Just follow these small steps to get started.

  1. Start with the YouTube app.
  2. Click on the '+' icon to get two choices to upload an already created 60-second video or use Create YouTube short video option.
  3. You can add the trending hashtags for better reach and describe the video in the description box.
  4. You can add elements like time limit, music, filters, and text.
YouTube Short Videos

For the viewers

If you're specifically interested in watching the YouTube short videos , you need not search using keywords. You have an option of shorts there only to begin with a good pastime. You can move on to the next video vertically, going up and down.

*Why should Brands leverage YouTube Short Videos

These are some motives why brands should focus on YouTube short videos.

  1. To get a better reach. YouTube is a very successful social domain, and after the launch of the short video format, brands should take advantage of the new feature. If you are familiar with YouTube and were building long videos, then understand what goes on with your audience and bring the same content making it cut short.
  2. Consistent use of the new features brings better brand visibility among the masses.
  3. You can impact different sets of audiences of varying age groups. YouTube is the platform that hugely connects with people from other age bars, and hence brands can leverage YouTube short videos to remove the age barrier and even promote B2B brands to younger and older audiences.
  4. YouTube is a highly trusted platform. It connects with millions of credible people and viewers who have the curiosity to know about brands and wait for their content. It develops a long-term relationship with users.

Tips that help to create impactful YouTube short videos for your brand

Developing a marketing strategy for your YouTube short videos to reach thousands of users depends on the type of audiences and your campaign objective. Here are some tips that can be used to increase your brand awareness.

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  1. We know how vital captions are to boost your reach. You can use a hundred characters to create catchy and funny captions that summarise what your content is about.
  2. Since the YouTube short videos come in vertical format, prepare your video keeping it in mind.
  3. Follow the trends and make your videos around them, using the viral audio or the relevant hashtags and get ready to go viral.
  4. Incorporate Youtube Seo techniques to be in the top spot.
  5. The content should be developed to hook the visitor with a concept that is unique, relaxing, and relatable at the same time.

With Youtube short videos, brands can amass a broader audience to earn a good ROI. It can be used to create a long-lasting and healthy, reliable community of creators and users.
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