How to succeed as an influencer / blogger in 2020?

by Rajesh Takur
2 min read
28th Jan, 2020
Posted on 28th January 2020
How to succeed as an influencer / blogger in 2020?

In the current era, business is running at peak and the need for influencers to promote brands is increasing rapidly, day by day.

Influencer marketing gives the highest ROI (return on investment) when compared to other forms of marketing. Lately it has also been discovered that social media marketing is the leading marketing strategy, so the need of influencers in such scenarios is really high.

Influencer Marketing focuses on targeting key industry leader to drive the brands message and awareness to like minded consumers.

But the question to influencers is..

Are you getting the money you deserve?
Are you happy with the Agencies that STEAL a big percentage of your money?

And the question to brands is..

Are you happy paying a lump sum amount to Agencies to connect you to influencers?
Are you experiencing a hassle free and quick connect to influencers through the middlemen?

Well, freeskout has got the solution to all your problems

  • We have built a platform where influencers and Brands can connect with each other just by sending a request! It's a total hassle free and commission free process.

  • We provide this facility on all platforms like "tik tok, zomato, youtube & instagram".

Also, using freeskout is quite simple

  • The influencer and the brand both can send a request to each other and can connect further through chatting.

  • The app is absolutely free for both the parties and there will be no involvement of middlemen.

  • Total transparency will be maintained, as the brands can look at the influencer insights and see who fits their budget and category.

This app will cover every aspect you could ever imagine.

You'll be able to get all the Top Influencers in Delhi, Best Restaurants in Delhi, Food Bloggers of Delhi, and a lot more.

Even on platforms like tik tok, youtube, instagram, zomato.

We are stepping towards making your work easy and digital. So why waste time when you can get your work done for free in just a flick of a second.

Just send the friend request, chat and collaborate. Simple!

Happy skouting!