Influencer Marketing Tips For Maximum Reach

by Shubhangi Jain
5 min read
29th Mar, 2020
Posted on 29th March 2020
Instagram Advertising

The difficulty of promoting one’s brand is getting tougher day by day, because of the increasing competition. Consumers can easily see through promotional content as they are more aware of the content they’re exposed to. This makes one thing clear i.e. one needs to come up with innovative and authentic approaches to promote one’s brand.

To reach your target audience and gain more exposure, influencer marketing is one of the best ways. When an influencer posts anything about any brand it seems more authentic as someone is vouching for that brand. This is why you need to collaborate with a social leader, as it helps gain tremendous public exposure.

Today we’re going to provide you with a few influencer marketing tips that’ll help you plan, run, and succeed with all your upcoming campaigns. Plus it’ll help you increase your reach and boost your ROI.

Here are 10 tips about Influencer Marketing to help get Maximum Reach :

  1. Choose an Influencer who Fits your Brand

    You need to make sure that the influencer you’re going to collaborate with is “on-brand” with your company. You need to make sure that the influencer you select is a natural fit for your campaign/brand and feels completely authentic so that it doesn’t just seem like an advertisement. The influencer should share a common voice, have a similar target audience, similar aesthetics, etc.

  2. Define your Goals

    You need to set some goals of what you want to achieve and have a clear idea of your goal in order to plan an effective influencer marketing campaign.

    Planning which metrics to use to assess your performance will be based on your goals. A brand/company can have various goals, like increasing reach, getting more revenue, or generating leads. Target goals need to be set for each of the metrics/KPIs by giving them numerical figures.

  3. Define your Target Audience

    Defining your target audience will help you make sure that your campaign reaches the right people. This needs to be done along with you defining your goals as it is one of the most basic yet vital parts of influencer marketing. While developing your target audience you need to take several factors into accounts, such as their age, interests, location, and more.

  4. Find someone with expertise in your field

    Real subject matter experts are more willing to promote ideas in which they see the potential. They might not have millions of followers but when they endorse a product it seems more genuine. Targeting established professionals would be a better option as they bring out intelligence and credibility to the table.

    Our advice to all brands/companies who are going to launch an influencer marketing campaign is that instead of just searching for Social Media experts, search for people with expertise in real areas.

  5. Engage On Social Media

    Social Media is a great platform for developing a relationship with the influencer and identifying influencers whom you’d like to engage with.

    A few ways to engage with influencers are:

    • Sharing their posts

    • Complimenting them for the quality content they share

    • Commenting regularly on their posts

    • Mentioning them in your blog posts

    Regularly engaging with influencers helps a brand stand apart from the rest and you might as well be able to do cross-promotions, which honestly is a cost-effective way of adopting influencer marketing.

  6. Built Lasting Relationships

    Long-term relations with an influencer are beneficial for both; the brand as well as the influencer.

    For a brand, it means that the influencer they’re with can be trusted for coming up with authentic and quality content.

    The best way to boost your influencer marketing campaign is by having long-term collaborations, as they help open up new avenues.

  7. Quality > Quantity

    Paying attention to the quality of followers of an influencer is always better than just going after the quantity. A brand should always connect with an influencer who has an impact on the audience they’re trying to target as they will give you better customers.

  8. Gift Your Influencers

    For sponsored posts, you don’t always need to provide monetary compensation. You can gift them your products and ask them to review it in their blog posts or their social media. Brands in the food niche, beauty niche, fashion niche, etc can find this strategy very useful.

    Though always keep one thing in mind, just because you’re gifting them with your products/services they aren’t obligated to only give good reviews. In fact, if they don’t like your product they can end up giving terrible comments as well. The best way to avoid this is by building a good and trustworthy relationship with the influencer.

  9. Know Your Value

    It is always better to know your value when you’re negotiating with influencers, especially when you are about to pitch them for collaborations. They need to be compensated for their collaborations, but the brand needs to establish their value as well.

    A mutually beneficial partnership is what anyone would prefer but in order to get that you need to know what you can offer to the influencer that he/she would need.

    Such tips would help you manage a campaign with a bare minimal amount of monetary exchange, plus help you solidify your relationship with the influencer.

  10. Don’t Expect Sudden Results

    Influencer marketing can come across as a quick success marketing strategy, but that isn’t true. A popular influencer might be able to quickly showcase your brand to a large audience however, getting those people to convert to lasting customers requires time and persistence.


These tips can help you plan and execute strategic influencer marketing campaigns and help you select the right influencers to collaborate in a mutually beneficial way. Continuously analysing and optimising your campaigns will help you get the most out of the influencer. But don’t put undue pressure onto them, give them enough freedom to work on their content and build long-term relations with them.