Struggles Of A Content Creator

by Sukanya Salil
2 min read
14th Feb, 2020
Posted on 14th February 2020
Struggles Of A Content Creator

Someone responsible for the contribution of information to any media, especially digital media is a Content Creator. They usually target end-users/audience in specific contexts. A content creator can contribute any of the following: Blog posts, E-mail newsletters, Social Media Copy, Video Marketing/Editing, Graphic Design, and many more. Some of them even create offline content such as Brochures, Client Packs, and so on.

This might seem easy to most of you, but honestly, it’s a tedious task. Even some of the best content creators face obstacles creating new content. Here are a few challenges that are faced by some of the top content creators, as told by them:

  • “Creating the right content that can get traffic, earn the trust of readers, and make sales. Add in creating unique perspectives that haven’t been said before, and it makes creating high-quality content consistently very difficult.” – Sujan Patel ( co-founder of )

  • “Time, especially when it comes to creating content for myself. The client work pays the bills so that naturally gets priority. It takes time to create unique valuable content, and there are only so many hours in a day” – Sean Kirby ( consultant at )

  • “My biggest challenge is to efficiently distribute the content. Once I write a piece, I generally have to spend 5 to 10 hours more in order to distribute the content, which makes it really hard to do.” – Pierre Lechelle ( SaaS Marketing Consultant )

  • “Finding the approach that speaks, on an emotional level, to my client’s target audience. To do this, I have to get to know my client’s ideal client as well, or better, than they do. Sometimes they can give me all the answers, but most of the time, I give them insights they hadn’t even considered.” – Lauran Van Mullem ( founder of CopyMuse )

  • “Tracking the offline effectiveness or long-term effectiveness of certain content is difficult to gauge. We’ve created content nearly 2 years ago that still gets traction today and leads to benefits for the clients, so being able to provide complete tracking and benefits becomes a long-term challenge, rather than a short-time monthly or weekly report.” – Dhaval Mehta ( founder and CEO of )

When the performance of content gets affected it becomes the problem of the content creator. Here are the 6 challenges faced by content creators:

Faltering In Keyword Research

  • In order to obtain clear information, with zero ambiguity, regarding the topic your target audience loves to follow, keywords must be considered the point of origin for content creation.

  • To gain a better understanding of your audience, you must research the most used keyword in your niche.

  • Although keyword search is not as simple as it sounds, one must consider which keyword the business can actually rank for, the kind of audience you want to target and the performance of your competitors in the domain.

Establishing a Schedule for the Content

  • You don’t necessarily need to establish a schedule for the content you upload, it all depends on whether you are a new business or an established one, and also at the resources you have at disposal.

  • There no such thing as too frequent or, too little content. All that matters is the quality of the content.

Deciding on What Position to Take With the Content

  • Most of the businesses one can think of are either already being done by someone, or something similar is already in the market.

  • In order to succeed you don’t need to be original, all that matters is a fresh perspective.

  • To stand out, your content must be in line with the present trend.

  • Speak your mind, by which we mean that your business needs to articulate its marketing objectives.

  • To make the content sound assertive and unique, content creators need clarity and leeway.

Branding – Cultivating a Consistent Voice over the Internet

  • The voice chosen for the brand needs to be consistent across all platforms and throughout your online presence. Be it Blogs, Logos, Videos or Social Media posts, the underlying theme needs to connect it all.

  • If you want to be known for a specific style, or position yourself in this niche, you need to be consistent. Consistency breeds Familiarity.

  • Your followers should know what to expect from you and should be eager for the unique content and experience you offer.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a small content creator or a freelancer, you must cultivate a distinct and specific brand identity.

Lacking Technical Knowhow

  • A big part of user experience is Aesthetics.

  • Content appeals to the audience on multiple levels.

  • The ease of navigation, the design of the website, the audio-visual elements, as well as the written content, combined together is what keeps the audience hooked.

Poor Marketing with Content

  • If you want to gain maximum traffic on your content you need to put it up on multiple platforms.

  • Start putting up sponsored ads on any social media platform (like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), or anywhere you know where the audience resides in bulk.

  • Businesses need to consider investing in social media tools to help their content creation and marketing teams gain insights about audience preferences.

  • If the people who write the content are the ones to share it on their social media it would help the business to grow, as they know their content the best.


Content creators need to educate themselves on SEO, website designing/building, and social media marketing as these are the main challenges that can either be amplified or lessened by knowing the key aspects for this machinery to work. This not only enhances the content but also aids in strengthening the brand, which is the ultimate goal of a content marketer.