Top 10 Food Influencers In The Food & Beverage Category

by Shubham Upadhyay
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18th Feb, 2020
Posted on 18th February 2020
Top 10 Food Influencers In The Food & Beverage Category

India is a country that has a diverse culture. This amalgamation of cultures has made India home to many cuisines. The influence of the internet and the increase in blogging has given rise to many food bloggers.

In India, the F&B industry is booming and food blogging has become a lucrative profession for food connoisseurs. These top food bloggers in India bring in more business by reaching out to the target audience and enhancing customer engagement.

Food blogging is not just about sharing recipes, some of the ardent food bloggers take you on an enlightening gastronomical journey through their culinary skills.

So here we take you forward into a salivating experience by sharing the top food bloggers in India along with eye-candy images of their scrumptious preparations and discoveries.

Uma Raghuraman – Masterchef Mom

Uma Raghuram is a passionate chef and the best representation of Indian mothers. She loves to experiment with food. Her blogs are full of new experimental recipes with images that make you hungry instantly. The best part about her recipes is that they are healthy and easy to make so her blogs inspire the inner chef of the reader.

She was recently honored with the title of Epicurean Guild Award 2020 for the Food Microblogger of the year.

She also collaborates with various brands. Her recent collaboration was with Big Bazaar.

Masterchef Instagram Screenshot

Instagram - @masterchefmom

Deeba Rajpal – Passionate About Baking

Food blogs like 'Passionate about Baking' are making people fall in love with baking all over again. Especially if you have a sweet tooth then there is no one better than Deeba Rajpal. Baking is a therapeutic exercise and it shows in her blogs. The recipes and photographs on her blogs are so innovative and tempting that you won't be able to get them out of your head.

Instagram - @passionateaboutbaking

Karan Food Fanatic – Karan Tripathi

With approximately 70K followers on Instagram and about 3k on Facebook, Karan Tripathi has made a great name for himself on the Indian food bloggers platform. He has a loyal fan base who have been following him on every platform. He is a man who wants to explore all the cuisines the world has to offer. When it comes to food, he has 3 principles which he follows by heart:

  • Cooking

  • Exploring

  • Eating

A collaboration with him means that the brand gains the attention of his large following base and a great review.

Karan Food Fanatic Instagram Account

Instagram - @karanfoodfanatic

Food Delhi – Karan Marwah

Karan Marwah has about 102K followers on Instagram, about 2.4k on Facebook,1K+ followers on Twitter and also handles a youtube channel. With these many followers, the guy is doing something right.

He aims to cover all social media platforms. His blogs not only display the food but they also go into detail about the quality and taste of the food, the restaurant's menu, traveling and many more which separates him from all other bloggers.

Foodelhi Instagram Screenshot

Instagram - @foodelhi

Nandita Iyer – Saffron Trail

Vegetarians have limited options when it comes to food as compared to non-vegetarians. So experimenting becomes a lot more interesting. Nandita Iyer has mastered this art. She has amazing vegetarian recipes on her blog. She has about 21 Pumpkin recipes on her blog. Talk about being innovative. Her recipes are an ideal mix of good taste and health. Through her blogs, Nandita educates her followers on the benefits of healthy eating and good nutrition. Saffron Trail is a blog to-be-followed ardently by health freaks.

Saffron Trail Instagram Account

Instagram - @saffrontrail


If you are looking for food content that is creative yet ordinary then simply start following Sailu's Food. It was started by Sailaja Gudivada who hails from Andhra Pradesh. The same reflects in her blog. She has a special section in her blog dedicated to Andra cuisine.

Sailu's Food Instagram Account

Instagram - @sailusfood

Anushruthi – Divine Taste

Divine taste by Anushruthi is not just a food blog, it's a lifestyle. Anushruthi believes in saatvik cooking which follows ancient methods of cooking. Through her blog, she attempts to educate people on the importance of Saatvik cooking. Anushruthi is an expert food writer, nutrition advisor, and recipe creator. Divine Taste offers mouth-watering recipes curated without using onion, garlic, eggs, meat or wine, yet they will delight your senses.

Instagram - @anushruti

Delhifoodiegram - Gaurav Pathak

With approximately 9000 followers on Instagram Gaurav Pathak's food blog, "Delhifoodiegram" has a tight-knit group of loyal followers which is growing every day. Gaurav loves to explore the cafe's, lounge and restaurants in Delhi so his blog offers great advice on which restaurant or cafe is better for what kind or the cuisine of food.

Delhifoodiegram Instagram Account

Instagram - @delhifoodiegram

Chiclifebyte – Nidhi & Shilpa Arora

Nidhi and Shilpa Arora started their blog called "Chic Life Byte". The blog is on Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle. The Food section of their blog is a combination of stunning food pictures and beautifully penned content. They review high-end Hotels and restaurants in Delhi.

Chichi Life Byte Blog Page Screenshot

Blog -

The Bhojan Lane

According to the bio of her blog, she clicks food and eats pictures. Sometimes the other way round. She is a Law student who loves food. From Italian to the Mediterranean, Chetna reviews every possible cuisine available in the Delhi NCR. She is a great photographer which helps her to click mouth-watering pictures of the food that she reviews.

The Bhojan Lane Instagram Screenshot

Instagram - @thebhojanlane