Top 10 Women Fashion Influencers Of India

by Sukanya Salil
2 min read
6th March, 2020
Posted on 6th March 2020

Since International Women’s Day is just a few days away i.e. 8th March, let’s focus on the women who have been great influencers in the fashion world.

But first let us ask you, how many of you know the real reason behind the world celebrating this day together?

It’s okay if you don’t know, we’re here to help after all.

International Women’s Day is a day dedicated solely to honour the achievements of women across the globe, from all backgrounds and cultures to bond together and fight for gender parity and women’s rights.

Women have excelled in almost every field, and fashion tops the list. There’s no doubt there’ll be a million female fashion influencer, but today we’re listing out the top 10 Women Fashion Influencers of India. So here you go:


Riya Jain - A fashion & beauty blogger from Mumbari

Riya Jain is a Fashion and Beauty Blogger from Mumbai. Her fashion sense is pulled straight out of the movies, and she always looks picture perfect. Her videos are goofy and cute. If you’re having a bad day then just go check out her Instagram page and be sure to get your spirit lifted. There’s a solution for every fashion emergency you have, just visit her page @caughtinacuff, which at present she has 318k followers and 3,662 posts and be sure get a hell lot of inspiration.


Pratibha Raj - a fashion & travel blogger

Meet this stunning fashionista Pratibha Raj from Melbourne. A fashion and travel blogger who always has some tricks up her sleeves for different trends and styles. Once you see her Instagram page you won’t be able to resist scrolling through the entire feed, as all her pictures are captured so beautifully and each picture has a specific style. Check out her page @the_vogue_driven which has 538k followers and just 651 posts, and we bet you won’t be able to resist following her and getting inspired by her.


Mehak Ghai - A fashion & travel blogger from Mumbari/Delhi

Mehak Ghai is a Beauty, Fashion & Travel Blogger from Mumbai/Delhi. Experimenting and trying out new stuff is her mantra. She’s come a long way from blogging as a hobby to making it a full-time career. She is a fashion icon for a lot of people, and the main reason for that is her belief which is, “Every day is a fashion show”. This is the main reason that she knows how to up her game and keep her viewers glued to her page. Once you go through her page you’d want to adopt her fashion sense. She has 433k followers and 2,777 posts. Go check out her page @mehakghaiii and indulge in the variety of posts with multiple fashion trends.


Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is a fashion diva and entrepreneur from Mumbai who has a very voguish attitude, but that’s what’s kept her on top of her game. She’s just 24 years old and has set a real high bar by being the founder and owner of the style brand ‘Arabella’. She possess a unique talent of making every outfit she wears give a couture look by just adding her style to it. She has 350k followers and 3,620 posts, which is enough to prove that she has influenced a ton of people. Check out her page @juhigodambe and join the fandom.


Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is one of the most popular influencers from Mumbai who promotes plus size fashion and is an expert in her field. She started her career as a style and beauty blogger, and now she’s one of the most stylish, classy and elegant bloggers. She has 145k followers and 4,294 posts, which is enough proof that she’s made her mark in the fashion industry. Check out her page @giasaysthat and we’re sure her posts will inspire you a lot.


Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia is a very effortless fashion influencer. The outfits she wears aren’t expensive at all none of you need a wardrobe detox to get on with her style. Just pick up whatever’s there in your closet, then mix and match. That’s her go-to styling technique. The photographs put together on her Instagram page @thechiquefactor are very stylish and refreshing. She has 222k followers and 655posts.


Pallavi Singh Ruhail

Pallavi Singh Ruhail started her career in 2013 by blogging as a hobby. As time passed by she started getting appreciated for her authentic content and that’s when she realized that this is where her heart lies. She has a very classy style and chic attitude which has helped her gather such a huge fan base. Her Instagram page @pallavisinghtdg has 292k followers, and 4,406 posts and there isn’t a single post in which she could fail to encourage and inspire her audience with her creative ideas.


Niki Mehra

Niki Mehra is a 25year old Delhi based influencer who got into the limelight by working with companies such as Cosmopolitan and Grazia. Her passion for Fashion, Fitness, and Décor has gained her a huge fan base. Her Instagram page @nikimehra has 278k followers and 2295 post, with posts not just about fashion, but also fitness-related and travel. She started as a fashion-centered creator in 2014 which made her gain such a huge base of followers on Instagram.


Komal Pandey

If you’re in search of practical and affordable fashion Komal Pandey has to be in your inspiration list as her fashion sense is very sassy, elegant, and practical. She even won two Cosmopolitan awards: Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (female) and Popular Choice Best Beauty Vlogger (female). If you go through her Instagram page @komalpandeyofficial, you notice that all her outfits are something every Indian girl has dreamt of having, and honestly they can since they’re affordable. She has 805k followers and 2,366 posts with authentic and affordable content.


Kritika Khurana

From her eyeliner to her shoes, everything Kritika Khurana does has to be on point. She has a unique sense of fashion which gives off Bohemian vibe, hence she got name Boho girl and named her Instagram @thatbohogirl. She graduated with a degree in fashion design and has not just represented Pantene India as a model, but also collaborated with high-end brands. Her Instagram has 732 followers and 4,302 posts. And that’s our girl from Delhi!

These are not the only women who have excelled in influencing people, there are a ton more out there and every one of them matters.

Happy Women’s Day to all you strong ladies out there!!!