Trending Challenges On Instagram

by Sukanya Salil
3 min read
5th May, 2020
Posted on 5th May 2020
Trending Challenges On Instagram

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, there have been a ton of challenges on almost every social media platform. These challenges keep everyone occupied and gives a positive outlook to people.

Instagram has the maximum amount of challenges, and most of them became trending within no time.

Now comes the question: What is the meaning “Trending”?

Anything that is currently popular or widely discussed online, especially on social media websites, is called Trending

Today we’re going to list out the Top 10 Trending Challenges on Instagram. Though many of you might be aware of most of these challenges, we’re sure not all of you know exactly what to how to do these challenges. Don’t worry, we’re here to get you guys up-to-date.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Trending Challenges on Instagram:

  • Pillow Challenge (#pillowchallenge)

    Pillow Challenge

    This is actually the easiest challenge, hence it’s trending. So, all you need to do in order to complete this challenge is, take a large pillow and convert it into a mini dress. You don’t need to stitch out a dress, that would be tedious. All you need to do is, use a belt to secure the pillow on yourself by tying the belt in the middle of the pillow.

  • 30 Day Song Challenge (#30daychallenge)

    30 Day Song Challenge

    This challenge is pretty interesting and needs to be uploaded to your story. All you need to do is select one favorite song daily, along with a little information about yourself related to the song. Each song you select needs to fit the description of the challenge calendar.

  • Mugshot Challenge (#mugshot)

    Mugshot Challenge

    This challenge was started on Tik Tok, but it eventually became a trend on Instagram. Basically, you need to have the look of a person who’s been arrested, wounded, beaten, and is getting a mugshot clicked by the police. You don’t really need to get into a fight to achieve this look, all you need is a little fake blood, make-up to show bruises on your face, along with tear-stains and messy hair.

  • Until Tomorrow (#untiltomorrow)

    Until Tomorrow Challenge

    This challenge is exciting since you need to post a silly photo of yourself and caption it Until Tomorrow. Now, this caption isn’t there just for fun, you actually need to keep the post up for 24 hours, and every person who likes this post of yours needs to do the same challenge after you DM them telling them to do so.

  • Weekend Hashtag Project (#WHP)

    Weekend Hashtag Project

    In this challenge, you are given specific themes and hashtags for each week and a chance to get featured on the official account of Instagram and their blog as well. Weekly announcements about upcoming projects, along with instructions and suggestions are posted each Friday on the Instagram Account and the winners are featured on the following Monday.

  • Don’t Rush Challenge (#dontrushchallenge)

    Don’t Rush Challenge

    This challenge is a little lengthy but it is really fun as you and your friends can take part in it even while sitting in your different homes. In this challenge, you need to show off your best transformation from your home-attire to your going-out looks. Each person in this compilation has to shoot their parts separately and then one person combines them all in the end. You need to start the video in your home-attire, such as a bathrobe, nightgown, or your favorite jammies. After you’ve shown off your super cute loungewear, take a make-up brush, and cover your camera. Then, while your camera is off, get dressed up and so your make-up in the most comfortable way. Once you’re done, take the same make-up brush and continue recording by replacing the brush on the camera and then slowly removing it to show your transformation.

  • Online Bingo (#bingochallenge)

    Online Bingo Challenge

    In this challenge, you need to use the Have You Ever Bingo template, and fill out what you have and haven’t done in your life. In order to get this template, you can check out the saved stories on the profiles of @leahferezan or @lovejuliethai. You will find a number of templates with the same format but different questions, so you’ve got to chose what you like.

  • Dalgona Coffee (#dalgonacoffee)

    Dalgona Coffee Challenge

    This is by far the most tried challenge, with genuinely great results. This trend started out in South Korea for its resemblance to the Toffee Dessert. The recipe to make this coffee is surprisingly simple, and almost everyone is trying it out. All you need to do is – add two spoons of instant coffee powder and sugar to hot water in a bowl and keep beating it till you get a thick texture, then take a glass of cold milk and ice and add the mixture as the topping. Simple, right?

  • Carrot Challenge (#carrotchallenge)

    Carrot Challenge

    This is a fun challenge because all you have to is draw carrot and then challenge 10 of your friends to do the same by tagging them in the same story, then your friends have to further do the same.

  • Gesture Challenge (#gesturechallenge)

    Gesture Challenge

    This is more of a fun game, in which you use your hands to copy a set of hand emoji’s that are shown on your screen. That’s not just it, you have to imitate the gestures quickly and that too on the beats of the song “Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Mix) by Y2K”. And if you think it’ll be easy, just try it for yourself.

    This isn’t all, there are a ton of other fun challenges as well that’ll keep you occupied through this self-isolation period. But for the time being, try these out and enjoy your time at home.