Work From Home In Quarantine

by Akash Gupta
5 min read
14th April, 2020
Posted on 14th April 2020
Work From Home In Quarantine

Whilst the world is on complete lockdown due to the impact of the emerging pandemic COVID-19, people have needed to start working remotely and be self-quarantined. Though the maximum stress is being faced by the self-employed as this lockdown can have a great impact on their ability. This is where we come in, to maintain a positive & healthy mental peace during such tough times.

To all the self-employed people out there, we have the perfect platform for you guys to pursue your abilities without worrying about anything.

Staying at home is the best option right now and we are going to list out some of the pros of Work from Home.

  • (Your office can be any kind) You don’t need a desk and chair to always work and neither do you need to assign a fixed spot while working from home. Any place that gives you the comfort to work with a focus in your office.

  • Traveling to-and-fro to work daily can turn out to be expensive whereas while working from home, you don’t need to spend even a penny.

  • Dressing up and looking tip-top just to get to work isn’t needed at all. You can just sit in your pajamas and flip flops, and not care about the dress code.

  • You don’t need to stick to a fixed time to do your work. That’s the benefit of working remotely, whatever schedule suits you just go with that. This makes the work feel more enjoyable and relaxed as well, as you have no pressure.

  • Fixing an error in code, hunting for a particular file, removing bugs from an app, these are the kinds of things for which one usually takes help from their colleagues. By working from home you can get to learn how to fix all these problems without any help, which is a really good thing as it makes you self-dependent.

  • Usually, when people work in an office, they tend to get distracted very easily by the slightest sound as your mind is wandering around and is not able to focus. But when you work from home you can start getting used to sounds without getting distracted by it if you’re determined to work. And you can also finish up more work than usual while working from home.

  • Be honest: There are a few people at work who aren’t your favorite, and there are some who don’t really like you, but since you, all have to meet regularly at the same place one needs to be diplomatic. This is something that you can avoid while working remotely as you don’t need to confront anyone whom you don’t like and there is no need for being diplomatic.

  • When you’re sitting in a meeting in an office, you have to sit through the whole meeting even if you have no role to play in the discussion after the first 10 mins. This is because you can’t just walk out without addressing everyone’s issues. Whereas, when you’re working from home all you need to do is make a conference call, discuss what’s necessary and then end the conversation.

  • You can even make your meetings more fun by group video calling and reacting to each other through emojis, GIFs and many more interactive ways. Which isn’t possible in an office as you need to maintain decorum.

In times like this, we all need to keep calm and stay at home. Not being able to socialize isn’t a big deal at the moment. When big-time companies can make their employees work from home, then everyone can.

Now that we’ve listed out so many pros, it should be more than enough to convince everyone to work from home as it is way more effective than working from an office.

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Stay Home!
Maintain Social Distancing!
Stay Safe!